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If you are looking for WW II flight gear, you are at the right place. I stand behind what I sell as being 100% original and authentic WW II (and prior to WW II) items.

I'm not a military dealer and all the items available for sale are from my private collection. Nevertheless, if you are looking for something special, I'll gladly help you finding it.

Most of my items are USAAF and RAF related but sometimes I have other items for sale (NAF/ US Navy, USMC, German flight gear, etc.)

I am open for trading, so do not hesitate to drop me an email...

Please, scroll down the page for the "Contact me" link.


Items up for sale/trade :


=>  USAAF Korean War EM Ike jacket 10th AF CBI.

=>  RAF 2nd pattern D Type flying

=>  RAF / IAF battldress jacket + pilot wing

=> USAAF B-7 / AN-6530 flight goggle replacement lenses in original paper; color clear and made by American Optical Co (AO logo visible onj each lens).

=>  RAF toggle rope for 1941 pattern Mae West / life preserver    

=>  RCAF Flight Lieutenant 1943 dated WAG tunic

=>  Rare RAF H Type oxygen mask dated 2-45

=>  USN flight computers

=>  Scarce RNZAF zippered (B Type) flying helmet -1940 dated & ID'ed to airman, fitted with AM marked Gosports.   


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