USAAF flight jackets

The USAC / USAAF used 3 types of materials for their flight jackets: shearling, leather and cotton. Most jackets were intended to be worn as a suit and so the nomenclature was quite obvious, for example B-3 flight jacket with A-3 flight pants, AN-J-4 flight jacket with AN-T-35 flight pants, B-15 jacket with A-11 pants, etc.

Nevertheless some jackets were issued to be worn on their own without a specific type of pants, this is the case with the A-1 and A-2 flight jackets. Some other type of US Army issue jackets were gladly worn by USAAF crew, for example M-1941 and M-1943 field jackets, tanker jacket, etc.

Some flyboys had their jacket decorated with squadron patches or even nose art painted. This was certainly the case with the A-2 jackets. These jackets were adorned by the crew and a way of expression. The jacket could be "upgraded"  with patches and art work, mission score board, names, ... Every manufacturer had his own caracteristics and so the jackets are not exactly the same. They can vary in style, leather used, color, etc.

Underneath you'll see some military and civilian issue jackets worn by aircrew in the ETO and MTO.


Air Force issue flight jackets


Left: A shearling AN-J-4 (or AN-6553) winter flying jacket. The AN-J-4 jacket replaced the old B-3 jacket in 1943 and was the last shearling heavy winter suit used by the USAAF. This type of jacket was intended to be worn as a suit with the AN-T-35 (or AN-6554) trousers.

Middle: 3/4 view to show the horse hide reinforcements on the arms. Note the ARMY AIR ORCES decal on the left shoulder.

Right: Close up of the decal.



Left: The A-2 flight jacket ... perhaps the most popular WW II flight jacket! This well used A-2 jacket is as issued, a "plain" example. Note the cuffs have been cut away by the original owner.

Right: Another example of a "plain" jacket. As can be seen, the 2 jackets have a different color.



Left: A-2 jacket worn by a P-47 pilot who flew with the 411th FS, 373rd FG, 9th AF in the ETO. Note that the wool waist band is missing.

Middle: Close up of the painted squadron patch of the 411th Fighter Squadron, known as "The butcher boys"

Right: Back view of the jacket depicting the pilot's  P-47 in flight and a 56 mission score board.



Left: A-2 jacket worn by a P-38 pilot who served with the 49th FS, 14th FG, 15th AF in the MTO.

Middle: Close up of an inceased and painted squadron patch of the 49th Fighter Squadron, probably Italian made.

Right: Back view with nose art and mission score board. The pilot has probably been credited for shooting an ammo truck, a Panzer and a train as well as 3 kills.



Left: A-2 jacket worn by an officer who was stationed at the Pyote Air Base in Texas, aka "Rattle Snake Air Base".

Right: Close up of the decal type squadron patch of Pyote Air Base. Pyote AB trained mostly bomber pilots and bombardiers.



Non Air Force issue and civilian issue flight jackets



Left: M-1943 field jacket worn by member of the 749th BS, 457th BG, 8th AF.

Right: Back view depicting a B-17 with 20 mission and nose art.



Left: USN deck jacket worn by the same member from above.

Right: Back view of the jacket. 2007 Privacy Policy Terms of Use